9 Ways Truth Causes Faith to Thrive

In spite of recent events and rulings by the United States Supreme Court, truth still matters for those seeking to live authentic lives of abundant faith. When our beliefs are focused rightly, faith can move us to live a story worth telling. But when our faith falls for propaganda, our story inevitably suffers for it.

Os Guinness, author of A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future, says this about attempts to find freedom apart from truth:

The sad fact is that without truth and virtue, those who proclaim freedom and set out to do what they like often end up not liking what they have done.

Truth causes faith to thrive, while propaganda always destroys in spite of false hope, good feelings, and the best of intentions.

Yet how often do we engage the source of truth? Jesus himself said that the Word is truth. It claims to have all we need to equip us while out on the trail following Him. But do we use it?

I delve into this topic in more detail in Chapter Four of my book A Story Worth Telling: Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life. But here is a handy infographic our team prepared to remind us all of how the Word of God causes our faith to thrive.

Feel free to view and download the info-graphic here or share on your favorite social media outlets. But don’t leave it there. Put the Word to work to ensure your faith is focused in the right direction.


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