About Bill Blankschaen

And What Does It Mean to be a FaithWalker?

Bill BlankschaenHi, I’m Bill Blankschaen. I help people live a story worth telling–an authentic life of abundant faith.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: too many of us try to survive instead of thrive.

We say a prayer and then put our faith in The Salvation Box for safe-keeping until eternity.

We fall into a career path instead of finding our Kingdom calling.

We drift through life while huddled together in the bottom of the boat with other alleged believers–while we complain about all that crazy weather around us.

But living a story worth telling, one that resonates across eternity, requires us to get intentional.

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What Does Intentional Look Like?

  • We stop pretending we’ve got it all under control and truly trust that God is in control.
  • We start speaking the truth—both to ourselves and others.
  • We keep walking no matter the obstacles we encounter.
  • We get clear on who we are and whose we are
  • We let our who determine our why so we can discover what and how.
  • We live as if the Gospel is the power of God applied to our lives instead of wishing if only the world were better.

We understand that these six words from the verse most quoted in the Bible change everything:

The just shall live by faith.

What I Used to Know about Faith

I used to think I knew what it meant to live by faith. I’d served as a pastor and led a thriving Christian school in Northeast Ohio. I taught biblical worldview and Christian living principles for more than fifteen years.

But my understanding of faith changed dramatically when God called me to step away from that seemingly safe and secure setting to put my strengths of writing and communicating to work for his church-at-large.

Suddenly, we were out of the boat and in a place where we had to trust God to live–and loving it! (Well, most days we were loving it.) We had six kids and no income for almost a year. We sold our house to move to Atlanta with little certainty about how we would get there.

The journey tested our faith in ways we never imagined possible. But we made it to the other side. Now we seek to live a more authentic life of abundant faith each and every day.

You can, too. Wherever you may find yourself at this moment, your life is a story. And your faith will write it. Whether your story will be worth telling is entirely up to you.

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I believe your story can be amazing, the kind that gets told throughout eternity. But only if you’re willing to step out before you know how it all turns out–every day.

You Are Not Alone

Know this: you are not alone on the journey.

That’s sort of the point of FaithWalkers. It’s a place where you can find inspiration, guidance, and practical tips for living a story worth telling from wherever you are right now. It’s a community where you can grow your faith no matter your current season of life:

  • Newly married and weighing life direction and career choices OR changing diapers as a parent of one, two, or half a dozen kids.
  • Embarking on a new job or career path OR wrestling with your calling and life purpose.
  • Leading a team of seasoned professionals OR launching your own business endeavor.
  • Making more money than you ever dreamed possible OR struggling just to make ends meet.
  • Studying furiously in college as you ponder what’s next OR working feverishly to pay down college debt.
  • Ministering as a pastor or local church leader OR imagining a new non-profit to meet an urgent need.
  • Questioning how you’ll invest your retirement years OR wondering what God has for you now that the kids are out of the nest.

Wherever you find yourself in life for now, know that it is possible to live a story that resonates both here and now and there and then.

And I’m here to help in any way I can.

Let’s Hit the Trail Together

I certainly don’t have it all figured out. My kids and wife will happily agree. But we can do this together, as a community of FaithWalkers.

We can make the journey to living a life that matters to God—a life of authentic faith.

So let’s stop just going through the motions. Let’s stop pretending that following Christ is supposed to be easy. Let’s get off the treadmill and out on the trail.

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A Little More about Me

In addition to helping people like you live a story worth telling, I’m the Founder and Chief Story Architect of StoryBuilders, a creative group empowering individuals and organizations to tell their stories well and share them with the world.

I write books, both my own and in collaboration with others. A few recent titles include A Story Worth Telling, You Will Be Made to Care, Drain the Swamp, Not a Daycare, Big Problems. Bigger God., and numerous leadership, faith, and business titles.

I am a founding partner of Ziglar Family and co-founder of Thrive: A Zilgar Family Community. When I’m not speaking, writing, and leading my business team, I’m hanging out with my family, getting creative in the gardens, or getting my creative juices flowing at my magical second home–Walt Disney World.

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