The Secret to Living by Faith

It can be tough to figure out the secret to living by faith when we’re busy being angry at God. Trust me. I’ve had a little experience on this area.


A recent post [ You Don’t Need All the Answers to Stop Being Angry at God ] explored this dilemma with a look at the Israelites predicament in Exodus 14. Like them, we struggle to discover the secret to living by faith when we’re freaking out about God dumping us in the wilderness. Or so we think.

During times of testing, we can discover the secret to living by faith when God calls us to let go but not let up.

It’s one of those oxymoronic things that God calls us to do, like give up in order to gain, or humble ourselves in order to be exalted. Over the last year, we’ve had to try learn this truth as God has pried our fingers back one by one, leaving us, as it were, living with our palm wide open. And on that open hand, He placed a flat sheet of paper, representing our calling. Then He told us to run. With all our might.

10 Questions to Help You Know and Be Known

Want to figure out if what you do defines who you are? Try introducing yourself without sharing what you do for a living.

If you attended Catalyst East in Atlanta not long ago, you heard a series of session that probed this issue of identity – how and why we are known – to ourselves, to others, and to God. In a recent conversation with Peter Greer, Catalyst lab speaker at CatEast, we discussed how the way we introduce ourselves and engage others may be in need of a refresher. Peter called us to pay attention to our intros:

“When you meet someone, do you always lead with ‘Hello, my name is Peter Greer, and I work for HOPE International.’ Is there more to it than that? Not that you go to the extreme and never talk about what you do, but do you really believe that you have an identity apart from the work that you do?”

Does What You Do Define Who You Are?