Episode 19: How to Hear God in the Ordinary and Live What We Hear

An Interview with Keith R. Anderson, Author of A Spirituality of Listening

How careful are you to listen in to what God is saying to you in the ordinary of life? The good news is that God is speaking all the time. The bad news is we often don’t take time to listen.

Episode 006 (15)

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Episode 19 is a real treat—an interview with author Keith R. Anderson about his new book A Spirituality of Listening: Live What We Hear.

Episode 16 focused on habits of holiness with Tyler Braun and Episode 14 and 15 highlighted habits of engaging the Word, so I thought it appropriate to continue to explore other habits—such as listening—that can pull us closer to God on our faith journey.

“Biblical spirituality . . . asserts that God is not done with the business of revelation and creation but instead continues to have something to say and something yet to be accomplished in the very culture that isn’t sure if God is done speaking.” —Keith R. Anderson

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