You’re Invited to Live an Authentic Life

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You don’t have to pretend anymore. You can live a life that matters, a story that resonates throughout eternity.

You were made for something more. You were made to live an authentic life of abundant faith.

You Are Not Alone

Yet few of us Christ-followers truly live what we say we believe.

We hang out on the treadmill in God’s gym instead, playing it safe. We don’t truly walk by faith, but we’re not exactly running from God either. We drift through life, hoping our story will somehow be good enough once we get to heaven.

But more and more Christians are awakening to this reality: Without faith it is impossible to please God.

They are answering the call to step out before they know how it all turns out.  I call them FaithWalkers.

Maybe you’re one of those people. Or maybe you just want to become one. I hope so.

Because the world needs FaithWalkers like you to do what you believe to be true. 

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Bill Blankschaen doesn’t just challenge you to live an authentic faith. He paints a picture of what a life fully alive looks like.Jeff Goins
Author, The Art of Work

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  5. Connection with others as part of a community of authentic FaithWalkers. Your contribution to the conversation may be just what someone else needs to take the next step by faith.
Bill inspires us to use truth the way God intended— liberated from theological textbooks on apologetics and applied to the practical world of everyday life.Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Author, Finding God at Harvard; Founder, The Veritas Forum

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As an extra bonus to kick-start your faith journey, all email subscribers receive my latest eBook for free. In fact, it is only available to you as part of the FaithWalkers community.

What God Wants You to Do Next: 7 Questions to Discover God’s Best for Your Life offers proven, practical tips for figuring out God’s will for your life.

  • Learn 5 pitfalls to avoid when seeking life direction.
  • Understand what you can—and can’t—know with absolute certainty about God’s plans.
  • Discover the 7 questions proven to guide you to greater clarity.
  • Be inspired to end the paralysis of second-guessing and boldly step out by faith to live a story worth telling.

Don’t let your life story drift into anything less than God’s best.

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Get My Free eBook Delivered to Your Inbox!

Check your inbox for your free eBook! See you out on the trail....

Get off the treadmill and onto the trail where the walk of authentic faith in God really gets good.

I look forward to hearing from you as we travel together.

Few Christian writers combine theological acumen, devotional fervor, vocational insight, cultural savvy, and absorbing narrative as Bill Blankschaen.P. Andrew Sandlin
President, The Center for Cultural Leadership

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