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  • Brittany Gardner

    I thought the sentence “Often in our quest to discern God’s will
    for our lives, it’s not a lack of clarity from
    God but a lack of obedience by us that
    causes the problem.” was incredibly on point in the walk of faith. When we STEP OUT there are often times of pain, un-comfortableness, suffering, fear of failure, or just plain fear – but if we can learn to stay put, even in the midst of those feelings and not try and manufacture a better environment to live in on our own, we find ourselves able to fully STEP IN and receive all that God has for us.
    pg 13: “In all but the rarest of circumstances, there is no rush to make key choices.
    We can take the time to make wise decisions if we take the initiative to
    engage the process and think of outcomes in terms of eternity and the
    stories we will write with our faith. We usually don’t need to rush, just to
    end the stress or clear the choice from our plate.” – love that!

    • Brittnay, We can learn to stay put — LOVE it! Sometimes waiting IS the hardest thing to do when following God. Great comment! Thanks!!

  • Sandi Turner

    I read with conviction of always bettering (sure this isn’t a word) myself and found GOD’S great grace showing me areas of myself in need of not only that but in needing to take a walk with HIM & just listen. Thanks for this as well as the sample chapter of “A Story Worth Telling”. I want the book and am recommending it to friends!

    • Thanks, Sandi! I so appreciate it. Thanks for passing the word along. Watch for our media kit page that will have social tools to make it easy to share. 🙂

  • Traci Lawrence

    I loved it. So insightful and so plainly spoken. Thank you so much for making this available, what a tremendous blessing!

  • Tracee Foster

    I think God wants me to be content were i am now and find happiness and joy. I beleive he has blessings in store and a plan and purpose and i beleive what he showed my hisband and i but its not the timing. We took a step of faith and Got a closed door. So now we pray more specific prayers and be content with waiting trustings he preparing us. Even if it does take years to see the fruit of it.

    • SOmetimes seasons of waiting (David as a shepherd, for example) prepare us for something else to come. As long as we are not using it as an excuse to sit still, they can be vital times for us. I am curious as to how you are preparing yourselves for growth as you wait? Thanks!

      • Tracee Foster

        All we are so ready to move into what God showed us so many years ago. We seen things line up and thought it was the timing. We learned that we need to be ready and content with what he wants us to do know in life and be happy. Thats just it what does God want us to do know while we wait for his timing? What lessons can we learn, areas to be stretched in and what do we need work in still? To go forth with peace and joy is one step, so i studied joy and found i am hos joy which brought a hole new ubderstanding to the scripture “the joy of the lord is my strength.” I realize i can find strength by knowing he sees me like that. Its learning to trust him and not fear. One thing my husband and i are doing is stepping out in faith. We know its happening we just dont know when so we are doing those things in the natural to be ready for the when even if its months to years. And thats just it i dont want to sit still. I have it on the inside of me so strong to do what God has called as i could reach out and touch it tangibly and so im seeking him for that if not now then show me what i can do know that will help with the whole purpose of your will. I seen your book online and wanted to read the testimoney of your move as thats a big part of our life. It was not until God called us with the word “move” 4 years ago. And showed us our ministry. It was like Doing something we had never had to know or trust God so much for. I listened to a man named fransis chan on eternal things andthing with mind of eternity and not being afraid to step out on the water. As he said like you hibted at somn times were in fear so much to make the wrong choice we didnt hear God right we do “nothing” so we did something placed it in his hands and said we trusted him to close the door of the timing was not right. And that is what happened yet we see the good of just doing that something showed us many things in ourselfs and what also is lacking. Praise God he is so patient, gentle and yet persistant in helping us.

  • StridentConservative

    Sometimes, all we need for to gain clarity on God’s will is to ask the simple question, “what do I want?” Then we need to pray James 1:5, believing that He will give us the wisdom to act on the answer we receive.
    I appreciate the simplicity of your 7 Questions because they reminded me of these two primary facts. Although, a “fleece” would make things easier, wouldn’t they? 😉

  • see clearly

    The seven questions were spot on. I was especially helped by questions 1-4. The “big step” for me (and my husband) happened 5 years ago when we moved to Japan. After having been here for almost six years I started to feel lost. I knew that the Lord wanted us here when we moved but, I had fallen into the proverbial “same-old same-old” rut. I said “yes” to so many things that the original dream I had became clouded. I could barely even remember what it was and I felt scattered…lost. I had also started to feel disconnected from our children and grandchildren in Saipan. Too many other things were stealing time away from keeping up relationships with family. I felt like everything was unraveling and I needed clear direction. I needed to STOP and regroup. The 7 questions were key in being able to do that.
    The questions also helped me to focus. I started a journal around them and am continuing along, integrating the ideas from your book. I’ve finished the first chapter-actually read it three times, taking notes.
    I think the key life decisions I’m facing at the moment are–what needs to be dumped at this point? Which activities are truly part of “my story” and which ones snuck in while I was just plodding along- not really thinking about what I was doing? I’m praying about that. I’m also thinking carefully about how I spend my time and I’ve decided to keep social media to a bare minimum and stick to our minimalist lifestyle here in the Japan countryside.
    My plan for the moment is to finish reading your book and to begin to implement the ideas that the Holy Spirit has laid upon my heart. My days will be radically different in some ways and I know that at times I’ll have to war with my old nature on days when I really don’t “feel” like hauling out my Japanese text books and studying. I plan on writing some of my favorite quotes from your material on index cards and tacking them up in my study area to read when I feel less than motivated.
    I’m also going to continue editing my first novel-the one I shoved in a box because I lacked the self-confidence to continue.
    Thank you for your materials and encouragement. I truly appreciate it.

  • Marilyn Geraldine Duke

    I thoroughly enjoyed this ebook. Its to the point, biblically based and very applicable to daily life decisions. I have just completed my theology degree and really not sure what God wants from me next. I have made some silly choices in the past and really want to glorify God in all I do. The book helped to focus on the important decisions and really go before God with a more positive attitude. I realize my significance and
    purpose is all tied up in Him, this journey is not about today or even tomorrow. Its not about destination, but the daily progress I achieve in Him.