The War on Faith Forces Pharmacy to Choose: Conscience or Compliance

Interview with Business Owner Kevin Stormans and Kristen Waggoner of Alliance Defending Freedom

A few weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court declined to consider a case on appeal from Washington State. As a result, a family pharmacy run by the Stormans for generations must choose between conscience and compliance.

Episode 006 (24)

Episode 25 of The FaithWalkers Podcast addresses a recent attempt to force Christians to put their faith in a box.

I bring you up to speed on the recent ruling and why it matters, then share an exclusive interview from last year in which I spoke to Kevin Stormans, an owner of Ralph’s Thriftway in Washington state.

He is joined by his legal counsel, Kristen Waggoner, senior vice president of legal services for Alliance Defending Freedom.

It is one of the most chilling religious liberty cases out there because it is unthinkable that anyone could be forced to participate in what they believe to be murder.

A law that forces the Storman’s family to cross their line will eventually require all of us to conform at some point. —Kristen Waggoner

The Stormans have now lost their freedom thanks to the US Supreme Court choosing to NOT consider their appeal.

Justice Samuel Alito says this does not bode well for those concerned about religious freedom in America.

I explain why the decision was so heinous in the episode, but the end result is this: the Stormans must now either help kill babies–a practice they believe to be morally wrong–or shut their doors as pharmacists.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to this episode to hear the story first-hand.

These are people who are truly out on the trail, walking with abundant faith in what they believe to be true.

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This madness is only just beginning, as evidenced by this story out of Iowa where churches may soon be forced to comply to unbiblical gender reinterpretations–or else.

The wildfire continues to burn. This is only the next step. What other occupations will be made unsafe next for religious people in America?

We will soon find out.

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