Episode 23: What Limiting Beliefs Keep You from Enjoying God’s Best?

5 Areas of Life Where Limiting Beliefs Live

Sometimes I think God doesn’t tell us how great heaven will be because we wouldn’t believe Him. Seriously. What keeps us from experiencing God’s best in life—from stepping out and walking with abundant faith—are the limiting beliefs we allow ourselves to embrace.

Episode 006 (21)

In this episode I take  a more casual approach, sharing what’s on my heart in connection to the things we all believe that keep us from moving forward.

We all have them. And even when we expose and overcome them, others rush to fill in the gap. So we must constantly be making ourselves aware of them and intentionally changing them if we are to achieve God’s best in life.

In addition to telling some of my story and how false beliefs held me back, we take a look at some Scriptural examples before applying it to 5 areas of life where we tend to let these limiting beliefs take control:

  1. Schedule (timetable)
  2. Thinking
  3. Relationships
  4. Opportunities
  5. Consequences

If you think God is calling you to step out but you hear nothing but excuses from within and without—you need to listen.

Question: What other areas of life have you found yourself limited by the beliefs you wrongly embraced? How has your life been shaped by your determination to confront and overthrow these beliefs? Share your thoughts by clicking here.

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