When Your Story Takes a Detour

Why I've Paused the Series about God's Will

Commitment. It’s a big thing for me. The way God has wired me, once I make a commitment, I keep it — or die trying. My dedication can be a very good thing. But it can also make it very easy to become over-committed and very difficult to do anything — no matter how good — that might make me look like I’m not committed.


“The greatest ability is dependability.” I don’t know who said it, but I embraced that character value from an early age. So it makes it especially challenging to let you know I need to push pause on blog posts for the rest of the summer.

I’ll be back to finish my series 7 Secrets You Need to Know about God’s Will. In fact, I have a lot more plans  to develop resources to help you live a story worth telling and figure out God’s best for your life.

But I am facing a challenging deadline now to complete my next book and need to focus every minute I can spare into making it great. If I try to squeeze in the blog post series during this incredibly busy season, I am concerned that 1) my family will suffer from never seeing me at all, 2) the book — a defense of our freedom to believe — will fail to have the impact it could have, and 3) the series itself will suffer because it will not get my focused attention.

I am tempted to write a lengthy blog post explaining more of why I need to pause my blog posts until September, but that would defeat the purpose of conserving time. Even as I write these words, I cringe at the thought of not delivering fresh content to you as planned. But the fear of what other people think of us can imprison us and keep us from putting first things first.

Sometimes we have to make tough decisions about where we will invest our time. And sometimes very good things must be put on hold for other Kingdom priorities to get the focus they deserve.

What I am learning during this busy season is that it takes just as much faith for me to admit I can’t do it all as it does for me to attempt to do something great. My story can only become worth telling if I trust God to carry what I cannot while I focus on excelling at doing what I can.

I thank you for your patient understanding and humbly suggest that now would be a great opportunity to grab a sample chapter of my latest book A Story Worth Telling or buy the entire book and close out the summer with a boost to your faith. Amazon is offering it at about 30% off. Don’t know for how long, but you can grab your copy here.