Why August Will Be a Quiet Month

A Few Things that Might Interest You

Well, it’s August. And that seems to always be an incredibly busy time of year for me. When I ran a school, it was back-to-school time. Now it just seems a lot of things come together in August that require my creative attention.


So if you were wondering why I haven’t released any new podcasts or posts recently, there you have it. Life has gotten extremely busy.

You may be interested in what I’m doing.

First, I’ve partnered with the Zig Ziglar group to help launch a new venture called Ziglar Family. Our aim is to build on the timeless faith-based wisdom of Zig Ziglar to apply his principles to today’s families in fresh, relevant ways.

I encourage you to get connected with this effort by asking to join our closed Facebook group or by claiming a free eBook and adding your name to the email list. We’ll keep you posted, get your input, and offer some discounts and other cool stuff.

The first course for families is coming together now. Exciting stuff. Here is the logo and a course visual:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.22.06 AM

Families need support, now more than ever. Which brings me to my second item.

My latest book You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe is now available on audio CD.

Click the image to check it out. The attacks on families are increasing. And the coming elections offer no hope of any change thus far.

Lord-willing, I will offer some perspectives on all of it when podcasts and posts resume in September. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Follow me on Twitter for my most current perspectives on the political scene.

Which brings me to the third item. In addition to the Ziglar Family project, I am collaborating on a few more book projects that I believe will be a benefit to many.

I am also planning a new course to help Christians figure out life direction and make wise decisions about what God would have them do next.  So a few things going on. Oh, and I am launching a new business.

Your prayers are much appreciated in this busy season.

I have received so many questions from so many readers of late that I am running a little behind in replying to you all. Please forgive the delay but know that I pray for each of you as soon as I receive your emails.

I’m looking forward to addressing them in posts and resources going forward.

So until next time, walk by faith, my friend, and I’ll see you out on the trail!

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