Why We Need to Celebrate Success More

5 Reasons to Unleash the Power of Party

What if you throw a party and no one comes? Is it still a celebration?

Confetti joy

As I write these words, it is the morning of my book launch. A Story Worth Telling has been nearly two years in the making — more than that if you count the living-of-the-story part.

And we have worked hard to prepare for it. There have been a lot of long nights and early mornings and full weekends and questions from my youngest son like, “Daddy, when are you going to stop working?”

This morning I’m not scouring the Internet for any mention of the book. I’m not nervously reading reviews. I’m not watching sales numbers.

I’m pausing to reflect on just how good God is and why I need to celebrate more.

The Tyranny of the Next

In American culture, we seem enslaved by what I call The Tyranny of the Next. What we have now is never enough. What’s coming next is what captivates our hearts. New necessarily means better. New car. New job. New definition of marriage. Different is cool. Normal? Not so much.

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What a privilege to be connected with you!

These rankings come and go by the hour, so there is still more to be done. Let’s make the most of this opportunity to reveal God’s glory!

Three ways you can help right now:

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Oh, and if you haven’t bought the book yet, you might want to start there. Many thanks!

My post in the morning is on why it is important to take time to celebrate faith success.

I think you’ll like it. It might not be what you expect.

You are awesome! See you out on the trail!


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Ten Things to Know before Pursuing a New Life Calling

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5 Common Responses to a Faith Challenge

Which Way Do You Choose When the Going Gets Tough?

It’s been said that when the going gets tough the tough get going. But let’s face it: it’s easy to say we believe until we face a faith challenge.

Flying High

Only when we face a challenge do we discover what our faith is made of. Only then do we realize that growing our faith will take some work.

It might help to think of our faith challenge as a growth curve. When we first begin to step out by faith and test both ourselves and God, we’ll meet resistance.

Resistance doesn’t mean right or wrong, it just means we’re moving in a new direction. Easy doesn’t mean we have God’s green light. In fact, if we’re trying to grow our faith in response to a faith challenge, we should expect it to be difficult at first, especially early in the curve.

When I first started on the path to becoming a professional writer, nothing was easy. I mean nothing.

We often contrast ‘believers’ to ‘nonbelievers,’ but that can be misleading. Everyone believes something, in the sense that they must assume some principle as fundamentally true. Atheist often fail to recognize that they are in the same boat as everyone else. A common mantra of atheist websites goes like this: ‘Atheism is not a belief. Atheism is merely a lack of belief in God or gods.’

But it is impossible to think without some starting point. If you do not start with God, you must start somewhere else. You must propose something else as the ultimate, eternal, uncreated reality that is the cause and source of everything else.

The important question is not which starting points are religious or secular, but which claims stand up to testing.

7 Ways to Distinguish between Fear and Faith

Are You Sure You Know the Difference?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen fear keep someone from walking by faith. I’d be rich. Unless I had to pay someone else for all the times I let fear send me into hiding.

Photo credit: Flickr -Capture Queen

Along my journey to live a story worth telling, I have developed what I can only describe as a sensitivity to faith opportunities. Having confronted my own faithless demons, I seem to more easily recognize the symptoms of faithlessness in others. Here are a few popular and telling expressions:

  • We can’t afford to do that.
  • We don’t have time to do that.
  • That sounds risky.
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • There’s only so much to go around.

But when you learn to walk by faith — to do what you believe to be true, often in spite of what you see, sense, or feel — your perspective changes. Now when I hear something may be risky, my ears perk up.