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What if you could stop pretending and live an authentic life?

What if you could live a life of such lasting significance that your story would be celebrated in places and times you can’t even imagine?

What if you had the courage to “step out before knowing how it all turns out?”

Your life is a story. And your faith will write it.                         

But will it be worth telling?

Now here’s a book that will help you make your story matter. Bill Blankschaen doesn’t just challenge you to live an authentic faith. He paints a picture of what a life fully alive looks like. Don’t miss this!Jeff Goins
Author, The Art of Work


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A Story Worth Telling: Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life

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Bill’s latest book packs in true-life stories to inspire your journey and practical tips to equip you to thrive out on the trail as you pursue a life of adventurous faith in God, the kind that gets out of the boat and leaves a lasting legacy.

People who live a story worth telling start with authentic faith. Want your life to resonate? Want to become a catalyst for lasting change? Wish you had the courage to pursue your true calling and God-given dreams? Read this book!Brad Lomenick
Author The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership, Former president of Catalyst

Author Bill Blankschaen’s winsome voice meets you where you are in your life journey and calls you to something more, to a grander, more meaningful life grounded on biblical truth.

Bill inspires us to use truth the way God intended— liberated from theological textbooks on apologetics and applied to the practical world of everyday life. Read this book to take your faith to where it could and should be!Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Author, Finding God at Harvard; Founder, The Veritas Forum

A Story Worth Telling weaves Bill’s own story of stepping out by faith with fresh perspectives on Scripture to show you how authentic faith

  • Gives focus to your life,
  • Opens your eyes to possibilities,
  • Produces the courage to answer the call,
  • Moves you to move mountains, and
  • Empowers you to keep moving forward when facing problems.
A life of significance is a life propelled by authentic faith. This book will show you how to make your life story the best God intended for it to be.Mark Sanborn
New York Times best-selling author, The Fred Factor and Fred 2.0

Are you confronting challenges that seem overwhelming?

Are you are torn between options—some seem right but risky, and some look a lot like drifting, yet feel safe and secure.

Maybe the choice you are facing right now scares you to death.

A Story Worth Telling asks the questions each of us must answer to live a life of lasting significance:

  • What if the greatest risk you face is of a story left unlived?
  • What if true security comes not from what you can see, but what you can’t see?
  • And what if your story becomes worth telling not for the bruises you avoid but for the giants you face—and defeat?

Life is short. Take control of your story. Start now.

Wow! What an encouraging read! A Story Worth Telling challenges us to live a life of authentic faith and follow after God with everything in us. Easy-to-read and packed full of inspiration, you’ll definitely want to read it again.Ron Edmondson
Pastor, Blogger, Church Leadership Consultant

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What others are saying about A Story Worth Telling:

Talk about a wake-up call! If you’re tired of living a life of pretending, A Story Worth Telling dares you to live a life filled with adventurous faith. Let Bill guide you to attempt the improbable so you can do the impossible.Kenny Jahng
Church Online Pastor, Liquid Church
The Gospel is good news, and Bill Blankschaen’s book describes just how good it is. Read this book to be equipped and inspired to see your life differently. And I suspect you’ll want to share it with others.John Stonestreet
Speaker and Fellow, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview; Senior Content Advisor, Summit Ministries
Bill provides a helpful guide to living the kind of faithful, authentic life we all desire. No matter what stage of your life you are in, this book will help you to live with meaning in the here and now. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to make the most of the time they’ve been given.Michael Wear
Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Former White House Staffer
At the crossroads of daring to set out into the unknown or slumping back into your comfortable life, you will find A Story Worth Telling, Bill Blankschaen’s thrilling contemplation on faith. He writes convincingly about the modern Christian’s dilemma: How do I step out in faith in the midst of a comfortable culture of convenience? I commend this book to you as one that will challenge you to gain a ‘holy discomfort’ as you live out active faith.Steve Smothermon
Senior Pastor, Legacy Church, Albuquerque, NM, Author Big Problems. Bigger God.
Few Christian writers combine theological acumen, devotional fervor, vocational insight, cultural savvy, and absorbing narrative as Bill Blankschaen. This work is a veritable handbook on success in the Christian life—not superficial success of popular self-improvement manuals clothed in a thin Christian veneer, but godly success anchored in the truths of the joyous Christian revelation. In our culture imbued with a bleak outlook for far too many Christians, Bill proposes a destination of hope and joy and expectation in Jesus Christ—and shows us how to get there.P. Andrew Sandlin
President, The Center for Cultural Leadership

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In A Story Worth Telling, Bill explores biblical truths that will challenge and equip any reader to break free from monotony and live a better story. Don’t wait! Read this book and begin a new chapter of your life’s adventure.Peter Greer
President & CEO, HOPE International, Coauthor of Mission Drift

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