Episode 9: Inside the Process I Use to Cast My Vote

What Christians Should Consider When Deciding on Political Candidates

It’s time for a lot of us to start casting votes in political primaries here in America. I have definite political opinions, but I won’t be sharing them in this episode. Instead I want to share the process I use to select candidates—separate from any political parties or individuals—in the hope that it helps.

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Don’t expect to hear any endorsements for particular candidates in this episode. That isn’t my point here.

I don’t address political issues much here at FaithWalkers, although I do elsewhere (such as at FaithWalkers at Patheos).

But I believe our faith needs to be lived out in an authentic manner both publicly and privately.

In this episode I unpack the following basic statement that guides my process of selecting candidates in elections:

My vote goes to the candidate I believe will govern in a way that is most consistent with Biblical principles—based on a proven record—with the greatest likelihood of being elected.

What I have to say about Christian candidates just might surprise you.

A resource I mention:

In, But Not Of Revised and Updated: A Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to Influence the World by my friend and mentor Hugh Hewitt.

You can find the Leader’s Guide for the book here for free.

Next Episode: We begin to explore how to develop spiritual habits and disciplines to strengthen our faith.

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